You are currently viewing ALTTO presentation at Nagano JALT Zoom event.

ALTTO presentation at Nagano JALT Zoom event.

Hi everyone,

yesterday we successfully presented our new ALTTO website during a Zoom event hosted by Nagano JALT.
It turned out to be a very important chance for us to hear more from our users and other prominent language educators working in Japan.

We will keep working on improving this platform in order for us to empower ALTs with the knowledge to succeed in the classroom and raise the overall quality of language teaching in Japan.

This is just the first of many events we plan on attending and holding in order to reach all of you. If you’re organizing your own online events and would like to host us as speakers, do get in touch with

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Don’t have any ideas? We have a list of topics to write about that need a writer. Email in your interest to write and we can set you up.

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Nicholas J. Wilson

Nicholas started his professional career in Italy in 2012 teaching adults after completing the Cambridge CELTA course in Edinburgh, Scotland. He began working with young learners in 2014 after receiving his MA in English Literature. Since 2016 he has been teaching at numerous elementary schools as an ALT in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Outside of his contributions towards the ALTTO platform, he also writes peer reviews for various journals. His command of five different languages has sparked his passion towards comparative literature research, with a keen interest on the influences westernization has had on Japanese Meiji/Taisho writers. You can find him inside old-fashioned cafés enjoying a good cup of coffee while playing around with his 1970’s Asahi Pentax film camera.