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ALTTO is a free open source self-learning platform helping ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) and JET teachers in Japan.
Our online courses have been written either by university professors and experienced ALTs living in Japan and cover the basics of Language Learning and expand into more advanced skills.

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3 Tips for E-learning in the Digital Classroom by Rishma Hansil

Bio:  Rishma Hansil - Language Instructor and UX Designer  Rishma has been living and working in Tokyo since 2017 as an Assistant Language Teacher and

Posted byRishma Hansil
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5 Tips to Improve Your Special Education Lessons by David Logan Hayter

Bio: David Logan Hayter is a teacher and freelance writer based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He first gained experience in education by working as

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Implementing CLIL into Your Team-Taught Lessons by Nate Olson

Bio: Nate Olson, a former ALT and current researcher at Sophia University, is promoting team-taught CLIL (content and language integrated learning) for his Ph.D. project.

Posted byNate Olson
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ALTs as Cultural Instructors: Introducing FREPA as a Roadmap to Teaching About Culture by Daniel R. Pearce

Bio: My name is Daniel Pearce, and I am currently working as a teacher-researcher at Kyoto Notre Dame University. I was an ALT in several

Posted byDaniel R. Pearce
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What they say about ALTTO

“Back in the day, being an ALT was similar to crash landing on an alien world of pedagogic ambiguity, with no way to phone home. You were on your own. Today, it is different. Nathaniel Reed has leveraged the internet for good, and has brought together some of the best minds and experienced educators, all who are waiting to help you in the task of better teaching your learners, and to help you to learn how to work with your Japanese colleagues in a way that will represent a lasting contribution.”
Dr Gregory Hadley
Niigata University
“This is exactly the kind of website too many ALTs need! Our JTE colleagues are well-intentioned, team-teaching is not generally covered in their teacher training. And since most ALTs have no experience being team-taught themselves, it's hard to imagine how to start. This IS a good place to start!”
Peter J Collins
Tokai University
I served as the first National Chairman of the JET Program from 1987-1988 and among other things, struggled with how to provide new and continuing ALTs with the professional training and support they needed. I heartily recommend and endorse ALT Training Online. It is exactly the kind of platform, high quality professional content and delivery system I wish I had access all those years ago and am certain it will help you in your journey for professional self development.
Dr Charles Browne
Meiji Gakuin University