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Contribute to the ALTTO Project

Think you have something you want to share with the community or just looking for a way to grow your professional skills and showcase them on a national level? Then you’re in the right place!

Because ALTTO is a grassroots initiative, this site would not be possible without contributions from people like you. We strive to gather a diverse mix of brilliant minds interested in contributing to this project as a form of professional development. The world of education is ever-changing, and current courses don’t cover all of the many scenarios teachers face every day in the classroom. We are now calling on your support to address these scenarios. Great teachers aren’t born, they get better through continued reflection, connection, and development.

Can you make ALTTO better? Get in touch with us!

Click on the tabs below to explore the may ways you can help!

Module are the core of our online course on Moodle. They are complexed essays on specific core topics related to teaching a foreign language, thus it requires an extraordinary knowledge of the specific topic. Current module writers are either highly experienced teachers or academic researchers. Once your module goes online, you will get visibility on both the module writers section of the site and on the Moodle platform. In accordance to our current needs, we have listed a number of topics we are currently looking for. However, we are always open to new discoveries, so if what you can contribute isn’t on this list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nathaniel Reed to further discuss your suggestions.

– Japanese Context
– Teachers
– Learners
– Learner Motivation

– Writing

– Teaching Phonics
– TBLT (Task-based Language Teaching)
– Teaching English through Music
– Teaching English through Literature/Books/Storybooks
– Students Centered Learning
– Teaching Japanese students online

– CEFR, CEFR-J and assessment in the classroom
– Formative assessment in the classroom
– Approaches on error correction

– The UBD (Understand by Design) Curriculum
– Design Thinking in the classroom
– Learner Autonomy

We are currently looking for ALTs who would like to help run and improve users’ experience on the website. Responsibilities include updating the homepage and identifying new contents of interest for our readers. Previous experience using WordPress is preferable but not necessary. Willingness to learn is a MUST! Once a member of the team your contribution will be featured together with your profile on The Team page. Contact Nicholas J. Wilson for further information!

We are currently looking for experienced ALTs who would like to contribute periodically to our monthly newsletter. Topics vary from experiences using different teaching methods in the classroom to reflections on the state of education in Japan. Contributions can be continuous or sporadic, as we care more about the substance rather than the numbers. The task requires working in a team to decide together on the topics of each issue. Sporadic collaborations can be accepted but might take time to go online due to previous programming. Continuous contributions can instead result in a dedicated column. Contact Nicholas J. Wilson or David Hayter for further information.

We are currently looking for both experienced and first year ALTs who enjoy writing and would like to share their experiences living and teaching in Japan with ALTTO’s community. Life in Japan, like in any other foreign country, can be both physically and mentally taxing. We have our LINE OPEN CHAT that has already connected many of you, but the Blog allows for longer text plus pictures and videos. Share your stories and the lessons you’ve learned from them! Get in touch with David L. Hayter!

ALTTO is ALWAYS recruiting proofreaders to check the humongous amount of written material involved in the project. Many have joined in the past and we hope more will help us from now. ALTTO wouldn’t exist without your help. While the task could end after just one project, we want to give you a chance to continue our collaboration and expand your skills into other areas of the platform.

The benefits are multiple:
a. You get featured on our The Team page, so future recruiters can find further proof of your endeavours;
b. You get to read attentively the contents of the modules and learn while checking;
c. You experience team working which will prove necessary in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Nathaniel Reed to explore your possibilities!