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Hello everyone!

My name is Chelanna and I am kind of new around here. I’ve recently joined the ALTTO team as the Curator of ALT-Focused Wisdom – AKA blog editor, graphic designer, and digital marketer. The job title makes me feel a little bit like a wizard, maybe with an awesome pointy hat, huddled in some dark corner of a library where I hoard secret wisdom about the world of ALTs. In truth, the job isn’t like that at all (though I do have a fondness for hats).

Here at ALTTO, we believe in sharing. Information and insight relating to ALTs shouldn’t be kept hidden in metaphorical libraries guarded by grouchy wizards! It should be shared with other ALTs. ALTs just like you!

Our community has grown quite a lot since this project began in 2015. If you’re new, there’s a lot you might have missed. So I have delved into the dusty archives and brushed off some snippets of wisdom that were originally shared with subscribers of the Monthly Trainer Newsletter for you to enjoy. Over the next while, I will be sharing them here on this blog.

If you have an idea you’d like to share in a future blog post, send an email over to