The Monthly Trainer is written by ALTs for ALTs with content you can use immediately.

From experience, we know that ALTs have one thing in common: days or (from most employers) just hours of “training”. Teachers are asked to re-enact classroom situations, show flash cards to invisible students, improvise numerous error corrections in front of curtains and unoccupied desks and more. For those new to the job and who haven’t taught elsewhere, this can be unhelpful in developing the skills to effectively teach in an actual classroom. 

The free ALT Training Online course is always here for you, but we know the course modules can take focused time to complete. So we created more bite-sized content for your inbox every month. 

Through your subscription to the “The Monthly Trainer” you’ll receive:

  • Updates: We make sure you’re ready for upcoming events and things happening at schools;
  • English-only classroom tips: From 2020 English classes are to be taught in English (not Japanese, Spanish, Korean etc.) This regular section will provide lots of tools to support you. 
  • Resources and materials: We have got you covered. We highlight ALTopedia’s most downloaded and latest materials, and some excellent undiscovered ones too.
  • Networking opportunities: Looking for networking events in your area? We’ll add them here so you don’t have to stay stuck in the virtual world. Have a conversation, learn something, grow your network.

‘’The goal of the teacher is to develop in the student the ability to not need you.’’