ALTTO Training Courses Instructions

Click here to read more about our training courses and on how to use this platform.

Before you start we would like you to familiarize yourself with the platform. The following two videos will explain what Moodle is and how ALTTO incorporates new modules for you to study.



As you can see, there`s a lot going on behind the scenes. The goal is only one: give you the necessary knowledge to understand the learning dynamics that happen in the classroom.

Below you can find all of the available courses. Just choose the ones you would like to study and click on the ENROLL ME button.
Inside each course you will find a list of activities. Every time you complete reading a chapter or you complete specific tasks, the completion progress will update.

Once you have completed all of the tasks included each course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion that will attest that you have indeed taken the course and studied its contents. In order for the Certificate of Completion to be useful for you in the future, please sign up using your real name. Your employers will be able to verify the authenticity of each certificate through a unique code linked to you.

PLEASE NOTE: certificates won't be immediately available. The server updates completion records two times a day. So please login 24H after completing the course to be able to see the download link for your certificate.